In His Protection - Novel

Romantic Suspense

"I found this to be a fun, sexy story. I giggled when the plot veered into a modern-day-twist to Cinderella and I honestly am always a sucker for a masquerade ball plotline."


"A hot, steamy passionate read from start to finish."


Every picture tells a story, but this family secret could be deadly.

For Melody Maddison, life hasn’t been the same since her mother’s passing. When she discovers a photo of her mother and a mysterious child, she’ll stop at nothing to find the truth, even if the search makes her question everything she’s ever known about the beloved woman.
Noah St. Reeve has a soft spot for women in trouble. When he rescues Melody from an attempt on her life, he can’t turn his back on the fierce and beautiful woman in front of him. Torn between duty and passion, it will be up to Noah to keep his charge safe from harm, no matter the cost.
Melody’s quest for answers leads her from one dangerous path to the next. When the first shot is fired, the handsome and steady Noah is there to keep her safe. She knows she should back down, but Melody owes it to her mother to get to the bottom of a history that will rock her family forever. Except, the photo isn’t only a link to her mother’s past. It’s proof of a dangerous secret—a secret that someone is willing to kill to keep.

Steamy Romance - One or more sex scenes

Mask of Desire - ​Novella

​Contemporary Romance

Copyright (c) 2020 P.L. Harris

Tash Redman came to Brekin River to start anew. She thought that if she kept her head down and worked hard, she wouldn’t have to face any more of the pain of her past. That all changes when she attends a costume party on Halloween and meets Kayden’s electric gaze.
He’s exactly what she should avoid.
Detective Kayden Langford was bewitched by the ruby-red lips of the mysterious beauty he met on Halloween. When tragedy strikes, he is reminded that life is too short not to go after what he wants—and he wants her.
But maybe he’s also what she needs.
A dark past, filled with regret and treachery haunts Tash, but she can’t fight the desire she feels each time her eyes lock with Kayden’s. When she gets the chance to anonymously sample him, she hopes that one masked taste will be enough to satisfy her…but the single-minded detective has other plans.

"This wonderful story had brilliant action scenes, intense, incredible tension, believable characters and a sensual scene that scorched the pages."


Ava Jenkins never imagined landing the dream role of Juliet in the Shakespearean classic Romeo and Juliet would turn her world upside down. She sacrificed everything to pursue her love of the stage, and she always thought she would return home, but that was before her career soared. Now she has a choice to make: return to Australia to help look after her ailing father, or play out the season with a new Romeo that makes her blood boil with desire.
Callen Carwright has returned home to Portland to mend his broken heart. He’s done with acting, but when he accidentally runs into Ava at the stage door, he knows she is no ordinary leading lady.
A whirlwind attraction pulls them together, and coupled with Shakespeare’s words, Ava and Callen can’t deny the passion that rages between them, on or off the stage. Ava’s heart skips a beat each time her lips lock with Callen’s. His kisses, slow, sensual and hot as hell. Will she return home as promised, or take a chance on the one man that promises to fulfil her every desire?

Juliet's Kiss - ​Novella

​Contemporary Romance